Liz Morrocco

About the artists

Since childhood, I have always loved drawing and painting. However, while at college I was seduced into studying Jewellery by my liking for the unusual and wearable.

Art Nouveau, was my favourite style and this influenced my work on my return to painting in terms of subject matter; “the natural world”. The use of watercolour in my presentation studies for jewellery meant this was my medium of choice as I progressed from flower studies to still-life, employing my love of colour and pattern.

Over time I have extended my use of media to include acrylics and oils. This has led to a broadening of subject matter, from still-life, to coastal and landscapes rich in variety and endless seasonal changes.

Regardless of the subject matter, medium or style, I feel that colour and pattern remain the main elements in my work.

Pictures of the artist works