Eric Auld and Donald Buyers, RSA

Rendezvous Revisited

Exhibition starts 2017-06-24

Ends on 2017-07-15


Eric Auld (1931-2013) and Donald Buyers, RSW (1930-2003) were well-known North East Scottish artists who, as lifelong friends, were very supportive of each other. Along with 2 classmates, Bill Baxter and Bill Ord, they were the founding members of ABBO (1957-1967), an artistic group promoting their work through exhibitions; the title deriving from the first letters of their surnames. The Rendezvous Gallery through the artist’s families has held 2 solo exhibitions for both Auld (2014, 2015) and Buyers (2005, 2008).

This exhibition, ‘Rendezvous Revisited’, shows works by Auld and Buyers which have not been seen in past exhibitions. Buyer’s work encompasses floral-garden compositions and Deeside-Donside landscapes where as Eric Auld’s works, painted after his retirement, depict his travels with his wife, Pat, to Aus-tralia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and throughout Europe.

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