Alberto Morrocco & Leon Morrocco

Work on Paper

Exhibition starts 2019-12-01

Ends on 2019-12-31


I am delighted to be showing a group of works on paper alongside a selection of drawings by my late father, Alberto Morrocco.

Many years ago we were asked, on several occasions, to exhibit jointly but both of us felt slightly uncomfortable with the idea…..we had, in fact, come to an agreement to avoid as much as possible exhibiting in the same galleries and in the same exhibitions.

In retrospect this arrangement was probably initiated by myself (at the time a young and immature painter) and designed to protect me from being upstaged by my more celebrated father! A joint show at the time would have shown an obvious disparity in quality so it was not an idea I was too enthusiastic about.

As the years passed and with both of us heavily committed to one-person exhibitions, both here and abroad, we sadly never managed to collaborate on a joint project. This Exhibition therefor is the first occasion that our work has been hung together publicly, and for me the event is of some considerable emotional significance.

I write these lines some weeks before the Exhibition and am already looking forward to it with mounting excitement and more than a modicum of curiosity

I am grateful to Duane Mead, the Director of Rendezvous Gallery for suggesting the theme of Work on Paper… father had a precocious ability for drawing at an early age and drawing became for him an integral part of his varied vocabulary as an artist. Looking back at the body of his work, one might say that drawing underpinned most of what he produced.

For my own part, drawing is the starting point for every painting and enables me to record interesting visual situations that can be developed in paint in the studio….it is of course an exciting means of expression in itself

Comparisons will no doubt be made concerning the differences and similarities of our work, but what we unequivocally share is a love of the act of drawing and a delight in looking!

Leon Morrocco RSA RGI

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