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Variations – Summer and Autumn

Exhibition starts 2018-09-14

Ends on 2018-09-29


Ann Patrick

In my paintings I try to give substance to ephemeral subjects such as flowers, fruit, aspects of the sea and landscape. Motivated by a great love of the sun, music and colour, I usually work directly from life, mostly in oils, and sometimes in pastel and gouache.

The paintings in this exhibition of Scotland, Morocco, and Italy, are all ‘variations’ on a summer theme.

Brenda Lenaghan, RSW

During my association with The Rendezvous Gallery for the past 25 years, ten solo exhibitions have been held. “Variations – Summer Autumn” relate to me personally as these are the months when I do most of my painting

Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 1963 with a Diploma in Commercial and Graphics, much of my works is imaginative with one idea leading into another. My paintings are often inspired by traveling to India, China, Tibet, Russia, America, Italy and over 20 trips to Japan where my son, Nicholas, is a professional and well-known Landscape architect.

David Schofield

With these new paintings my aim was to use the power of the visual image to ignite the imagination of the viewer and tell a story .While exploring shapes and expression in simple objects I hope to transform them and the stillness of a moment into subtle messages of emotion. I have throughout my artistic life been inspired by poetry, literature and my surroundings.

Over the last 18 months in conjunction with gallery work I have completed 24 illustrations for the novel The Girl at the Edge of The World by Martin Dowds. A beautiful piece of magical realism which I found a joy to illustrate.

In December 2017 I was awarded a Merit Award (book) at The I-Jungle International Illustration Awards for these Illustrations.

Michael Waight

Most work starts from a point of noticing something within a landscape. Its usually a colour note or a form that is graphic and truly observed. It then goes on a small journey, trying to balance the observational with a more composed element. It sits within the grounds of the ‘poetic logic’. A collaboration of the imagination along with moments seen in front of the eyes. With the constructions it is about transforming a subject into an object. They are very simple and playful things but retail a complexity that is inherent in the original subjects.

With the prints on show here - thirteen in total in the suite - their starting points were taken from the poem cycle by American poet Wallace Stevens. His ‘Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird’ covers a rather cubist approach - each short verse showing a different aspect to the same subject. The prints are in no way an illustration of this poetry but uses the poem’s approach of perspectivism as a starting point for looking at a winter wood.

My work has been exhibited in various countries such as America, South Africa, Netherlands and Spain as well as extensively in Scotland. About 10 years ago I took part in a short residency in Italy which enabled me to combine some travel with the making of new work. A few years previous to this I was also involved with a project that saw me working outside of Palermo on Sicily. As well as assisting another writer/artist, I created an artist book of my work for a project initiated by the University of Dundee

Born in Dorset in 1960,I have lived and worked in the North East of Scotland for nearly thirty five years. For many years I have worked as a Master Printer and Printmaker in Aberdeen and have been a part-time and visiting lecturer at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, University of Dundee. I also have been a visiting lecturer at Grays School of Art, here in Aberdeen.

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