Rowena Comrie with Bob Donald, Kelly-Anne Cairns and Luke Vinnicombe

Exhibition of Paintings

Exhibition starts 2018-04-28

Ends on 2018-05-12


Rowena Comrie - ‘Feral Blooms of the Imagination’

In these new paintings, I have dug deep into my imagination unearthing the subconscious charm of shape, texture and hue, cultivating an art that communicates the aesthetic pleasure that we get when we look at blooming flowers.

Kelly-Anne Cairns - ‘Contemplation’

Contemplating – Considering and figuring things out in my mind before making them a reality.

These moments can also be a form of mindfulness and meditation, moments of escapism where emotions are translated into colours.

In my figurative paintings I aim to create a feeling of contemplation, serenity and calm. The models are friends of mine, the environments and garments I create from my imagination and inspiration.

In my still life paintings the objects are my own, items in my home which make me smile - inanimate objects with character and personalities. I enjoy placing different items together with a limited palette to create an emotion, to enhance the moments of contemplation.

Bob Donald - ‘Japanese Ships’

The word “MARU” meaning circle, is often applied to Japanese ship names. The first ship known to have followed this convention was the Nippon Maru, flagship of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s 16th Century battle fleet. For the past few centuries only merchant ships have used the Maru suffix. It was intended as a good hope naming convention that would allow the ship to leave port, travel the world, and return home safely, thus completing the circle. The tapes, marking two separate arcs sharing the same centre, form an incomplete circle indicating that the ships commemorated in the work were all lost and did not return home

ARTIST WORKS (click on the image to enlarge)

Luke Vinnicombe

Exotic Inhabitants

Exhibition starts 2018-04-28

Ends on 2018-05-12


My approach to painting is playful, with the subject set in a colourful and lively fictional world that may seem absurd or even dreamlike. This colourful environment is woven together through the objects, characters and surroundings that reappear throughout the work. However, this alternative world connects to our reality as it refers to current political issues that can be seen in Britain and the Western World. This is not brashly shouted out but instead, the artwork silently nods towards these issues that vibrate from the connotations of the imagery.

The painting’s narrative comes to life by bringing together a juxtaposition of opposing imagery, that when viewed as a whole, creates a comical situation in the composition.

The interaction between the conflicting groups raises questions to the viewer to what it is they see in front of them.