Luke Vinnicombe

My approach to painting is playful, with the subject set in a colourful and lively fictional world that may seem absurd or even dreamlike. This colourful environment is woven together through the objects, characters and surroundings that reappear throughout the work. However, this alternative world connects to our reality as it refers to current political issues that can be seen in Britain and the Western World. This is not brashly shouted out but instead, the artwork silently nods towards these issues that vibrate from the connotations of the imagery.

The painting’s narrative comes to life by bringing together a juxtaposition of opposing imagery, that when viewed as a whole, creates a comical situation in the composition.

The interaction between the conflicting groups raises questions to the viewer to what it is they see in front of them.

Therapy On The Beach

Still Life With Umbrella

Picking Flower Petals




Slow Cooking

Art Lover

Abstract Face Painting

Walking Into The Sunset

Sleepless Man


Eating Organically