Miroslav Mašek was born in Czech Republic. During 2012 Miroslav decided to come to Scotland and stayed here ever since. Currently Miroslav works as a Software Engineer in Glasgow. In 2019 he developed a strong interest in oil painting and In early 2021 Miroslav completed his Cityscape course with the American painter Gavin Glakas. 

 “Painting for me is a great hobby and way to relax.  I really enjoy painting en plein air. Most of my inspiration comes from places which surround me daily and places having some meaning to me.”

 2020 to 2021  Miroslav occasionally worked in Aberdeen and before his last trip to Aberdeen he wanted to capture the mood and feel of his favourite places in the area where he lived and that is why this collection of paintings was created. 

Instagram: @mmasekart

Aberdeen Beach – May 2021 – Sold
Aberdeen Waverley – June 2021
Aberdeen St Swithin Street – June 2021
Aberdeen St Swithin Street Sunset – June 2021
Hammerton Store – July 2021 – Sold
Rendezvous – July 2021 – Sold
Rendezvous Corner – July 2021
Queen’s Cross – July 2021 – Sold
Orka Café – July 2021
Taking Order – July 2021
On The Corner – July 2021
Coppa Coffee – July 2021
Albert Terrace – July 2021