Rowena Comrie – 7 Windows Exhibition


I approach each work as a fresh adventure in painting, where new ideas are allowed to flow. Building on past painterly experiences, a reflective considered comprehension is nurtured, and this has resulted in the selection of recent work presented here, at the Rendezvous Gallery.

My art is a considered response to external experience and internal reflection: Personal contemporary expression in a positive, critically questioning form. Discovering the chance associations possible in the vibrancy and tension of oil paint colours and forms, a painting is complete at the point where it feels right, a feeling, mood or idea sustained for thoughtful consideration.

Rowena Comrie graduated in Fine Art from Reading University and since then painted first in Aberdeen and then for the past ten years, in Glasgow. She exhibits both nationally and internationally and has work in many public and private collections.

Rowena Comrie


Three Figures


Waving, not drowning


See the Point