Tom Merrifield

Tom Merrifield has been described as a ‘force of nature’, which is a very accurate description, as it is that force, and that energy, that has made him the huge success he has become. After a childhood in Australia, where Tom had been the youngest principal dancer with The Borovansky Ballet, he came to London, where, within a few years, he had become one of the most successful dancers in the West End in such productions as ‘West Side Story’ and ‘Showboat’. After an injury curtailed his dance career, Tom turned to the second stage of his remarkable life, and began to draw and create sculptures of the world of dance. He became an immediate success, and has since exhibited in New York, Paris, Brussels, as well as Monte Carlo, Athens, London and of course, Aberdeen. Tom’s work is his life, and he continues to create sculpture and drawings, which come from the soul of his veritable ‘force of nature’.