Liz Myhill RSW



A journey through Latin America from the vibrant, sultry backstreets of Havana to the inhospitable high desert of Bolivia and formidable glacial mountains of Patagonia, scoured by wind, rain, ice and snow.

Lost Postcard: El Coche
Lost Postcard: Girl at the Zapatero

A Seven Windows Exhibition to view from the pavement or inside

Saturday October 31st – Saturday November 21st 2020


Please note there is access to
The Rendezvous Gallery according to COVID Regulations.


These latest works, inspired by extensive travel through Latin America, bring together a deep connection and passion for the natural world with an appreciation of unique cultures for whom tradition remains strong. Over a total of ten months working on location the drawings which inform this body of work were gathered. To walk and draw becomes a method of understanding, observing, questioning, being still and hoping that with patience something of the essence of place may be revealed.

Ancient Pigment
Tumultuous II

Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama 2013-14

Living, working and studying in Havana filled my sketchbooks with exuberant colour. Conscious of the turbulent history of the country and its recent past, drawing on the streets led to many chance encounters and fragments of personal stories that became embedded in the artwork. Travelling onward through Central America culture captivated at every turn.

Midday Sun, Havana

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile 2018-19

Deliberately travelling light, the journey was made very much on foot taking multiple day treks into remote and mountaineous regions of an otherworldly landscape. Lagoons, ice-fields and glaciars, deserts of salt and toxic minerals, mist wreathed peaks, mountain torrents and wild, rugged coastline. Drawing wasn’t always easy in sub-zero temperatures with a howling wind but I hope the work stands testament to the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world.

Across the Bay
Chichicastenango Church
Distant Storm
High Pass
Mountain Study II
Ice Bound
Lost Postcard: Casa Verde
Lost Postcard: Cuando
Lost Postcard: Mercado
Lost Postcard: Washing Day
Mercado Egido
Mountain Study III
Mountain Study IV
Soft Morning
Southern Sea
The Last Ice
Village Market
Wide Horizon
Lost Postcard: Defendiendo el Socialismo
Lost Postcard: Edelmira