Liz Myhill

“Having left Skye for art college ten years ago, my latest work is driven largely by return visits and a desire to record the places I know as the Island undergoes increasing change. I have focused on elements that particularly interest me such as the flotsam and jetsam around jetties or moorings and various unlikely items for which a use has been found on the crofts. This is set against the fantastic weather of the Hebrides where it can change from sunshine to lashing rain and back again in minutes. The work is predominantly in mixed media which allows me a real freedom and ability to incorporate found or pre-marked papers and textures. I am also showing, for the first time, some works in oils.”

Solitude £2,400
Lost Postcard: El Coche SOLD
Lost Postcard: Girl at the Zapatero £280

Unyielding SOLD

Ancient Pigment £380
Tumultuous II £380
Midday Sun, Havana SOLD
Traveller £1,200
Lagoon £1,200
Glimpse £980
Across the Bay SOLD
Borderlands £1,200
Ascent £1,200

Awakening £780
Chichicastenango Church £500
Distant Storm £650
Flow £1,200
High Pass £380
Mountain Study II £350
Ice Bound £650
Lost Postcard: Casa Verde £280
Lost Postcard: Cuando £280
Lost Postcard: Mercado £280
Lost Postcard: Washing Day £280
Meltwater SOLD
Mercado Egido SOLD
Mountain Study III £350
Mountain Study IV SOLD
Sentinel £1,200
Soft Morning £780
Tumultuous £380
Southern Sea £980
The Last Ice £980
Twilight £1,200
Village Market SOLD
Voyage £780
Wide Horizon £380
Lost Postcard: Defendiendo el Socialismo £280
Lost Postcard: Edelmira £280
Spring Snow
Clinging On
The Minch